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Are you stressed? Feeling anxious, panicky or tense?

Everyone experiences some level of stress and/or anxiety, but what happens when it becomes unbearable or starts affecting other areas of your life?

Stress is everywhere; it can come from so many places – our relationship, work, finances, major transitions or health. Anxiety is a normal reaction to it, and everyone experiences a certain level of anxiety at some point in life. When your stress and anxiety becomes overwhelming and prevents you from living the life you want, then it becomes a problem!

Consistent worry, fear and a feeling of being unsafe or unsettled can have a serious impact on your physical and emotional health. Stress slowly diminishes our ability to live a full and engaged life and is often difficult to control on one’s own when it has spiraled to unmanageable levels.

Are these signs showing up in your life right now? Stress might actually be the culprit

-Depression or general unhappiness
-Eating more or less, sleeping too much or too little
-Inability to concentrate and seeing only the negative
-Always feeling anxious, worry and having racing thoughts
-Having aches and pain that is not related to physical injuries

If you are having the above signs, worry not; there is a way out. In therapy, we can teach you skills on how to manage your stress and have a better quality of life…

-Managing your emotions effectively
-Helping to examine your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to stress
-Improving your ability to handle stress and your reactions to them
-Better understand yourself, your personal goals and values better
-Developing skills to improve relationships and have better communication

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We use holistic methods to facilitate personal healing and growth for our clients. Mindfulness based approaches is one of the effective practice’s that we teach our clients.

Here are mindfulness steps that you can practice in your daily life to cope with stress.

Peace Work – A Four Step Process S.T.O.P

Step 1: S – Stop, Turn Towards
-Stop what you are doing, put things down for a minute
-Beware of the emotion or feeling that is ‘presented’ to you. Example: anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, shame, guilt and so on

Step 2: T – Take A Breath
-Identify the emotion or feeling or the heightened sensation that has risen in your body
-Take a breath and then ‘sit with’ the emotion or feeling or the heightened sensation. Don’t inhibit it, suppress it, ignore it or try to conquer it. Just be with it
-Simply allow yourself to fully feel this emotion or feeling or heightened sensation

Step 3: O – Observe and Accept
-Observe your thoughts, feelings or emotions
-You can reflect on what is on your mind and understand that thoughts are not facts and they are not permanent
-For thoughts that arise, just accept it. You don’t need to deny it, just accept and feel what is present.
-Be open to the feelings that you feel. Opening up to it means, to see what is fully there without suppressing, rejecting, ignoring, denying or trying to be ‘stronger’ than the emotion

Step 4: P – Peace
-When you are calm enough, you can look deeply into your emotions to understand what has brought it about and what is causing your discomfort. It may be that particular kinds of thoughts, values, beliefs, expectations and judgements that you hold were the cause.
-You may then reflect on how you want to respond to what is happening.
-It could be that the simple embracing of the emotion is all you need to do for now, or it could be that a response is needed to a situation that has risen in your daily life.
-Trust yourself to choose the appropriate response. Be at peace and be open to the outcome.

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