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Essential Oils Bag

The day I got my hands on my very first essential oil bag, I was super excited and happy. It was as though my essential oils finally had a place called home. I literally carried my bag every where I went. Being a distributor and ardent user of essential oils, I also felt more confident and classy. It surely impressed my clients and friends which made them want to own one too and that was when I knew I had to do something about it.

It was then the birth of this amazing idea! Today I am happy to share with you a collection of my carefully designed “handmade” leather essential oil bags, specially made for essential oils distributors and users.

Look at these bags, they are absolutely gorgeous! Comes in four different colours; Black, Fucshia, Olive Green and Brown. Fits 20 bottles mix of 5ml and 15ml. The interior of the bag is covered in batik prints, which originates from the country I grew up in.

Remember, your bags will only be made when you place an order. Please place your order directly with me. My mobile is 016 916 8598 and email is I can’t wait for you to buy a bag for yourself!

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