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About Natasha Brand

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Photography by Christian Palencia

Natasha Brand is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes that growth is the most important aspect in one’s life. Since then she has spent most of her life learning towards becoming a successful interdependent individual. It all began when she graduated from high school and joined her mother in the insurance business. There she learnt many skills on how to sell her own abilities and what it takes to be in the real world. After which she decided to venture into the hotel line where she spent 5 years climbing her career ladder.

Being the eldest in her family, she always took the initiative to be responsible for everything she set out to do. The hotel industry opened many doors of opportunities for her. From a Reservations Agent to a Communications Executive in 3 ½ years at Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort was a quantum leap achievement for her. She also managed to obtain a Certificate in Hospitality Skills In Front Office while working. Coming from a 5 star hotel background such as Shangri-La and Sutera Harbour gave her a better disposition in the market. She has worked with great people in the industry who brought out the best in her.  Natasha also managed to build her relationship with the media both at a local and international level. Their loyalty towards her has contributed heavily to her growth over the years. As she moved onto greener pastures, she was able to gain experience from working in the Spa industry to Events and Entertainment Production.

Natasha is multi talented and multi skilled. She has performed in a band, become an emcee for many events, work with gemstones, creating beading work to teaching cooking and baking classes for children. Her strength in observing people around her was much of an advantage to her growth. She has traveled to Brunei, San Francisco, Tasmania, Perth, Jakarta, Vietnam and Singapore and hopes to see more of what the world has to offer. She loves food, music, movies, yoga, theater and the opera.

After 3 years of developing and managing her family business Brabons Entertainment, Jen’s Homegrown Cooking Academy, Jen’s Underground Supper Club and Clean Drinking. She felt that the time has come for her to be brave and take a leap to be independent in her career and tap into her own creative path.

With months of contemplation, self healing and rediscovering her own truth and purpose, she moved into a whole new world of total well-being. Her intention is to live a wholehearted life by sharing the awareness of physical health, emotional self love, mental clarity and spiritual consciousness. Thus, she joined a team of experts in the field while she explores ways in the study of Psychotherapy, Existential Psychology, Positive Psychology and Aromatherapy.

She is a certified Natural Health Therapist working on helping people get better, feel better and be better in their emotional, psychological and physical parts of their life. There has been tremendous progress in her work as she has helped her clients heal from stress, anxiety and depression. She is curious and ready to widen her experience in this growing field. She believes that daring greatly is the first step to be in the change.