Stress Therapy Kuala Lumpur

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Stress Away Blend | Young Living Essential Oils

Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there’ – Eckhart Tolle 

It was a sunny Sunday, I was invited to a tea party, a very different kind. The kind that had a plate of therapeutic essential oils in the middle of the table and a 4 course menu that had the same ingredient which was essential oils. I was completely amazed by the idea.

While I was seated, I was being served special tea called Slique Tea and the Aromatherapist who was hosting the party got us to drop a drop of Stress Away essential oil into our tea before taking a sip. We were told to hold our cup and take a few deep breathes. When I first opened the bottle and smelled the oil, I was put off, I didn’t like the smell at all. But when it was infused into the tea, it was delicious. It had this sweet taste.

But what took my surprise was that after the party I wasn’t thinking about anything. Nothing was bothering me. I was feeling uncomfortable because I was not use to the idea of not worrying. I was so use to the daily stresses that I had in my daily life. I was practically asking it to come back quick. This was when I realised that Stress Away is true to it’s name. It got me feeling calm and collected and in that moment I was free from stress.


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