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How it all happened?

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Peace & Calming Blend | Young Living Essential Oils

Peace comes from within, do not seek it without – Buddha

Sometime 2 years ago, I had a breakdown over my work and my personal life. I had no idea what to do, I was so lost. I didn’t know who to talk to and I didn’t know how to respond to the feelings I had been feeling, as it was all so new to me. It was a very painful time in my life.

But I have always believed that nothing is a coincidence and that everything happens for a reason in our lives. I remembered I met a couple before I had my breakdown, they were both Psychotherapist by profession. So I did my research on what was best for me at that time in my situation and I decided to pay them a visit.

This was when I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. I was given to try Valor and I wanted to buy it immediately but at that time, Valor was out of stock. So then I was given a sample sachet of Peace & Calming to try which had only 3 drops in the tiny little sachet. I was travelling the next day and I felt that I really needed something to help me with my crazy emotions. When I arrived my destination, I had a terrible fever and I had a business meeting the next day. I didn’t want to take any medication but then I remembered that I had that sample sachet, so I opened it and I use every bit of the oil I had and I quietly said this to myself “you better work”! Amazingly the next morning when I got up, there was no more fever and I felt so much better. My emotions were much more stable, it wasn’t fluctuating like a light. From then on, I knew that Young Living Essential Oils was definitely working for me. When I returned home after a week, I decided to buy a bottle of Peace & Calming and used it every single day. I still keep my very first bottle because I remembered when I had no one, it was my someone.



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